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The construction of one of the stadiums that the Dignidad Sports Complex will have begins

The first foundation works of the new Miguel “Chocorrón” Buitrago Football Stadium, mark the beginning of the construction of the new Dignidad Sports Complex, which will be made up of a football stadium, a baseball stadium, 4 training fields, a hall of fame and a Nicaraguan sports museum, all sports areas will be linked to the National Dignity Plaza. The project is 20 percent complete, reported the Secretary General of the Commune, Fidel Moreno Briones, during a supervision tour.

“A work that is in the historic center of the city of Managua, precisely where the old national baseball stadium and the Thomas Cranshaw soccer stadium were, on this occasion and by order of the Commander President and Compañera Rosario, it has been requested that it be build a stadium, although with a capacity of 2,000 fans in its initial stage, that provides all the conditions that modern football establishes,” Moreno explained.

The earthworks and preparation of the land to lay the foundations for the new sports infrastructure began on January 15, in the first 90 days of work the capital commune formed a complete system of foundation slabs.

“This project is so large in foundation that practically 40 percent of the work is foundation, there are the heads of the cylindrical piles that range from 8 to 12 meters deep, there are 284 that this work has, we also have a slab of foundation, which is what is being put together right now, all that foundation stone is what the building will receive, practically 3 floors, 17 meters high, where the main stands will be and also all the equipment that a stadium requires, dressing rooms, bathrooms for players, bathrooms for the public, areas for everything that is refereeing, video refereeing, doping, everything for the organization of a soccer match," he indicated.

Moreno explained that the new stadium is built with the highest standards of earthquake-resistant engineering and will be ready in the month of December. At the same time, he announced that in the coming weeks the start of the second stage will be announced. of the Dignidad Complex which, among other things, contains a baseball stadium for 2,800 fans, as well as 4 training stadiums for baseball practice.

The new stadium will have a total area of 1.84 blocks, will be equipped with cutting-edge technology, a fire-fighting system, an internal communication system, a lighting system for international games and a playing field with an area of 9,964 m2, which It will be equipped with artificial grass, certified by FIFA, and a garden area with natural grass.

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