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Work is progressing at an accelerated pace on two sections of the Juan Pablo II Track

The construction works of the Modernization and Expansion of the Juan Pablo II Runway do not stop, satisfactorily progress has been made in two sections of this project, in section I with 33 percent and section IV with 15 percent of progress, as reported by the Secretary General of the Municipality, Comrade Fidel Moreno.

“We have made an extensive tour of section IV, the track that goes from 7 South to the North Highway, here in Plásticas Robelo, is divided into 4 sections, at this moment we are under construction at both ends, in section I and in section IV and today we have extensively covered section IV of the track, it goes a little earlier, more or less at the height of the intersection of the Eastern channel with the El Dorado Track, right from there to the North.”

The Secretary General explained that section IV is the most complex of the track due to the size of the works, which includes the North Highway overpass, “it is the largest overpass of the 5 overpasses that we will have. In this project, the progress is highly satisfactory, we have completed the expansion of the Eastern channel, we are practically tripling the hydraulic section, which flooded year after year, but for these reasons and given the design and characteristics of the runway we will have a good segment of the Eastern channel closed and of course expanded, 9 meters is the average width of the channel in the expansion that we are doing, 5 meters high and a hydraulic section of 45 square meters.”

He reported that, due to the arrival of winter, the goal had been established to reach 800 meters of the Eastern channel by May 30 and at this moment almost 500 meters have already been completed.

"We hope that, in the next 23 days, before May 30, we can complete those initial 800 meters. We are going to cover 3.5 kilometers of the Eastern channel. In the rainy season, the work strategy will have to be different. We are going to make small interventions. "So that during the months from June to October, which are the months with the most rain, we will have minor progress in the main drainage work, although we will make progress in other complementary drainage works," he explained.

Also, Compañero Moreno stated that work is being done simultaneously on the North highway, “the two bridges, both the North bridge and the South bridge, practically the supports (columns) for each of the bridges are in the final phase, we have the 20 supports (columns) being intervened, 19 of them quite advanced, one of them today is leaking, so the bridge is also advancing at a very good pace, each of the bridges is 700 meters long, including its access ramps, It reaches up to 9 meters in height, let us remember that the intersection in the lower part will be a roundabout that allows the road articulation between the North Highway and the San Juan Pablo II Highway.”

These bridges are scheduled to be completed in the month of December, the IV stage of the work is possible to take place throughout 2025, taking into account the different complexities, added the Secretary of the commune.

While, in section I progress is made with 33 percent, “this is a slightly simpler section in the different construction stages, although it has hydraulic works in 4 channels, they are minor works than these, much of the track The concrete has already been placed, we hope to finish this entire section in the month of December, the Commander President and Comrade Rosario who are permanently pending the progress of the works, we have confirmed that the progress is highly satisfactory, we are going faster than we expected. expected, this has been the product of extensive planning that has allowed us to adequately prepare during these years.”

Likewise, he called for the population's understanding of the delays caused by the different detour routes and to use alternative routes.

It is estimated that in the next 60, 90 days the bidding processes for sections II and III of the runway can begin, so that the works can begin at the end of this year, indicated the capital official.

The San Juan Pablo II Track in its different stages will generate 3,700 permanent jobs directly and no less than 5,000 indirectly, in the construction area.

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