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Documentary and photographic exhibition in commemoration of the Day of National Dignity

Remembering the Day of National Dignity, the Mayor's Office of Managua, through the Directorate of Culture and Historical Heritage, paid tribute to the heroic deed of General Sandino, who 97 years ago refused to sign the Black Hawthorn Pact, thus initiating the first steps in the fight for the defense of Nicaraguan sovereignty.

The Pilar Aguirre room of the National Cinematheque was the setting for this commemoration, with more than 200 protagonists representing the National Police and the Nicaraguan Army, who were delighted with the presentation of a documentary that narrates the anti-interventionist fight of the General Sandino and the Army in Defense of National Sovereignty, accompanied by a photographic exhibition and a concert performed by the Municipal Symphony Orchestra of the commune.

During the event, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, in her opening words, highlighted that May 4, 1927, is the permanent example that those who love Nicaragua should have.

“Today more than ever we should feel proud, honored to be Nicaraguans, we should feel proud to be worthy children of Sandino, he continues to be the path and the light, he definitely continues to be the greatest exponent of dignity,” said Rueda

The General of Free Men decided to face the intervention of 5 thousand marines, marching with the Army in Defense of Sovereignty, made up of about 300 soldiers, to the heart of the Segovian mountains, a war that began between liberals and conservatives became a national war. in defense of the homeland, this lasted 7 years from 1927 to 1934, the date on which the General was assassinated under the plot of treason, on February 21, 1934.

“The greatest exponent of National Dignity is Augusto Calderón Sandino, from there comes our Commander Carlos Fonseca and now, thank God, we have a Government, with resounding support in the defense of our national dignity with Commander Daniel and our Vice President , Compañera Rosario, we will continue defending peace and our dignity,” said the capital city councilor.

9 decades have passed since the General's deed, his legacy is still alive in every Nicaraguan and although no one knows where his body was, Sandino's ideals and his love for Nicaragua expanded throughout the national territory.

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