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Managua pays tribute to the Child Martyr of the Revolution

At the monument located in the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores Park, municipal authorities paid a well-deserved tribute to the Child Martyr of the Sandinista cause, Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores, on his 45th anniversary of his passage to immortality, on the morning of this Thursday, May 2.

The ceremony included the participation of 50 students from the José Dolores Estrada Vado Technical Institute, cultural presentations from the different Houses of Culture and the laying of wreaths.

Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of Managua, recalled the bravery of this National Hero, his historical and revolutionary fight to defend the rights of children.

“Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores, his participation was vital, today we talk about the restitution of the rights of children, adolescents and young people, because he got involved from the heart, with a high revolutionary consciousness, they called him El Grillo, because he was a courier for our guerrilla, "A child who was not even 10 years old, for us is a legacy, now Luis Alfonso is nutrition, it is school, it is parks," said the mayor of the capital.

For her part, Alexandra Martínez Galeano, a student at this Technical Institute, expressed that the Child Martyr is an important figure, an example to follow for the defense of the homeland, “so that we can take him as recognition and set him as an example in our lives. , defending our country whenever it finds itself in difficult problems.”

Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores, born on July 4, 1969, was the youngest of six brothers, participated in demonstrations and maintained relations with the Secondary School Student Movement and the Student Movement of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua. His last speech was made by February 21, 1979, in front of a large crowd of people, where his message was broadcast on all radio stations in the country, reaching every corner of Nicaragua.

On April 27, the Somoza guard ambushed Luis Alfonso, shooting him in the head, causing him to fall to the ground. They passed over his body with the vehicle in which they were traveling, in an attempt to simulate an accident. He was transferred to the Oriental Hospital in Managua, where he surrendered to death five days later.

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