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Music concert on International Jazz Day

In greeting to International Jazz Day, the protagonists and teachers of the Houses of Culture and Creativity Camilo Zapata, Otto de la Rocha and the Luis Abraham Delgadillo National School of Music, held a music concert on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 30, day that marked 11 years since the appointment.

The artists already dedicated to music and the new talents that are being trained in singing and music delighted the public with interpretations of all the genres that Jazz has. During the welcoming remarks, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, highlighted the work that the Good Government has been doing to guarantee access and promotion of art in all its forms.

“Today we celebrate this musical genre that was really born as a call for peace, we as the Mayor of Managua accompany our Good Government in all this effort, because the schools of culture and creativity are at the national level,” said Rueda

Jazz is a musical genre of African origin, it was born in the United States and its authors maintained a peaceful struggle through music for several decades, because they were not allowed to sing or make music, due to the racism that discriminated against them because of their skin color, as explained by Professor Julio Vásquez, who is Director of the National School of Music, Luis Abraham Delgadillo.

"11 years ago, UNESCO decided to celebrate the promotion of peace worldwide, through Jazz, and nothing better than from our Central Government being able to promote this type of activities and for music to be developed in each house of culture and in all the art schools that we have in the country,” said Vásquez.

Jenny Morales, 5 months ago, began learning guitar classes. She, along with the other students at Casa Camilo Zapata, celebrate the opportunity to make their dream come true.

“Thanks to our Good Government, because it is encouraging children, young people and adults to be protagonists of music, it is super nice to be part of this celebration, this is the second opportunity I have to play in a concert,” said Morales. .

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