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Merchants from the Eastern market inaugurate Storm Drainage Project in its first stage

The Good Government continues to improve and transform the working conditions of the merchants who boost the economy in the Eastern market, with the execution of a storm drainage project that directly benefited 520 protagonists in zone no. 1 and 3 of the market, in the first stage.

"Today in greeting to Workers' Day, in greeting to the always remembered Commander of the Revolution Tomas Borge Martínez, delivering a new work from the capital's municipality, in this case to the merchants of our Eastern market," commented the Vice Mayor of Managua, Comrade Enrique Armas Rosales.

Likewise, he reported that this important drainage work was needed due to the approach of winter, "thanks to God and the support that he always gives to the municipalities and in this case to the Mayor's Office of Managua, Commander Daniel, we are delivering today this work that takes platforms, drains, register boxes, grills, so that this area of spare parts here in the market is no longer flooded.”

The work was carried out in a period of a little more than two months and had an investment of 7 million 944 thousand 215 córdobas and will allow greater comfort and security for merchants, distributors and families who visit this popular shopping center.

By 2024, the municipality will invest 90 million córdobas in the execution of major and minor works in the 8 markets, only in the Eastern market the Galerón de las Aves, Galerón de Los Plasticos, construction of gutters in the Galerón de las Food, as well as patching and covering streets.

“I have been in this market for three decades and we have never seen another government that is as interested as our Commander and our Companion Rosario Murillo, who care about the well-being of us merchants and buyers. With these drainages you no longer see the puddles,” said merchant Jamileth Sánchez Martínez.

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