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The Winter Plan in the capital is advancing at a firm pace with 90 percent

A few days before the start of the rainy season, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua reaches 90 percent of the Winter 2024 Plan, with the cleaning of lined and unlined channels, gutters, drains and microdams, which will allow the areas to be reduced of flood risks.

This Monday, April 29, 100 percent of the grit cleaning work at the Villa Fontana microdam will be completed, one of the 24 microdams in the capital and which is completed today, reported Engineer Oswaldo Pérez. General Director of Public Cleaning.

"We are going to be able to evacuate a total of 23 thousand cubic meters of sediment, this is equivalent to 27 percent globally, 83 thousand cubic meters are what is scheduled, in this sector the waters of San Isidro de la Cruz Verde, the southern part, are discharged "The main idea of microdams is to collect water and ensure greater infiltration to avoid surface runoff, which is what causes flooding in homes in some cases," explained Pérez.

Likewise, the capital official pointed out that, since January, constant cleaning work began and as part of the Winter Plan there is the environmental education program, which is to raise awareness among the population not to litter, "our Good Government urges "Reduce the risks of flooding and that is the most important thing, safeguarding people's lives."

Also, he shared that for this year 2024, the Winter Plan has an investment of 932 million córdobas, which includes infrastructure works, cleaning of the city's storm drainage system and environmental education programs.

In 2010, Managua had 147 critical points due to flooding and many of them in category A; but with the mitigation works carried out by the municipality, it has been reduced to 54 critical points.

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