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“One day a month with water” is the new component of the Floating School Project on Lake Xolotlán

Starting this April 25, the environmental brigades of the 10 educational centers benefited by the Floating School Project in Lake Xolotlán, will have the opportunity to visit the laboratories of the CIRA/UNAN-Managua, (Center for Research in Aquatic Resources of Nicaragua).

The visits will be for educational purposes and are possible thanks to the new component of the project called Disseminating Science “One day a month with water”, as reported by the Secretary of the Municipal Council, Jennifer Porras López, during the first visit of the Barrilete school in Colors.

"Through this program we want to convey to new generations the love for natural resources, it is these future generations who can help conserve, preserve and motivate change, with this new component we are going to promote love for water resources, in the student community,” said the capital official.

Porras explained that the Lake Xolotlán Floating School project has been financed for 4 years by the Government of Japan and that through the new component the visit of 100 children in groups of 20 will be organized.

Rose Mara Granados Mendoza, is 10 years old and is in the fourth grade of primary school, for her this project is very important, because thousands of people do not have access to drinking water.

“We are looking at how to take care of Lake Xolotlán, so that it is no longer contaminated, we have to take care of and take advantage of the water because only 1 percent is drinkable, there are thousands of children who are dying from lack of water, we have to close the taps properly” said student Granados.

Fátima Hernández, a teacher for 20 years, mentioned that this new method of environmental education and training is excellent and as an educator she dreams of the project expanding nationally.

"We are working hand in hand with the Mayor's Office of Managua and JICA, in the training of children, because they are the future of this nation and just as we are working on the Barrilete de Colores school, we invite you to also work at the national level, because it is a very beautiful project that promotes love for environmental resources,” said Hernández.

The schools that will soon be visiting the laboratories through “One Day a Month with Water” are: Republic of Canada, Pablo Antonio Cuadra, Republic of Nicaragua and José de la Cruz Mena.

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