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Women producers from the regions immerse themselves in knowledge and exchanges of experience

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, in the company of women who cultivate the land of the Las Viudas, Los Ladinos and San Isidro Libertador regions, visited the Finca Agro Santa Julia on the morning of this Thursday, April 25, who are the pioneers of the agricultural cooperative in the municipality of El Crucero, in order to share experiences for better production of the land.

During the meeting held in this female enterprise in the agricultural sector, the mayor of the capital explained that there are 23 colleagues grouped in this cooperative, this being the first to be founded in the department of Managua.

“It has been a success, it is a model farm, this is what the Ministry of Family Economy has, who has been providing support, strengthening the knowledge that the brothers and sisters of each of the owners of areas like these, here Mrs. Lola has a variety of products, but that is because of all the knowledge she has acquired and a long journey full of dedication from each of the fellow members of this cooperative,” said Mayor Rueda.

On the farm located in the rural area of El Crucero there is a variety of crops in oranges, bananas, beans, annatto, wheat, soursop and coffee, this being its main crop.

Dolores del Carmen Esquivel, owner of this productive place, stated that the farm is made up of 5.5 blocks of land, where they produce 19 items of citrus fruits and basic grains.

"This is a way of working the land, here we teach the producers, in the economic part I don't work for anyone, I live off the land, I feel that this has been thanks to God and the Government that has taught us, Because before we did not plant like this, I think that with this diversification we are learning more every day, we can make changes and take care of our Mother Earth, we receive support from the mayor's office who provide us with the seedlings and send us technicians," said Esquivel.

The activity was developed within the framework of Mother Earth Day, which was decreed with the objective of reminding those of us who live on it that the planet is our home, which commits us to taking care of it to inherit a healthy and healthy planet for generations. sure.

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