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Athletes join a cleanup day at Lake Xolotlán

Athletes and instructors from the academies of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, celebrated Mother Earth with a day of environmental cleaning, on the edge of Lake Xolotlán, as part of the commitment to maintain care for the environment, this morning Wednesday April 24.

More than 80 athletes from different disciplines participated in this activity and are part of the actions carried out by the municipality to promote the importance of natural resources, an attitude that has been a priority of Good Government, shared Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

“An effort promoting care, love for our Mother Earth, protection, our common home, we appreciate the willingness of our athletes, our coaches, this entire team of wonderful human beings who love our Nicaragua, Managua, an initiative that we celebrate with a lot of love,” said the mayor of the capital.

He also added that parents joined this day, cleaning an 800-meter route, “from 7 in the morning collecting disposable plates, disposable spoons, plastic bags, the fraternal call to all the families that when we visit this beautiful place "Let's put the garbage in its place, to stay healthy."

Taking care of Mother Earth is everyone's responsibility, said athlete Ashley Reyes, “please be aware, do not litter, if you can take the initiative to come and clean in groups it would be excellent.”

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