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Caminos del Río Urbanization receives a hundred families in celebration of Peace

Celebrating the tranquility and harmony that Nicaraguans experience, the Caminos del Río Urbanization received 100 new families who are protagonists of the Bismarck Martínez Program.

9 months have passed since July 17, 2023, Day of Joy, the date on which Caminos del Río opened its doors for the first time, in greeting to the 44/19 festivities, to make the dream of hundreds of families who do not come true. They have their own home to live in and that they have rented for many years.

“Finally we are going to breathe easy, because we will no longer have to worry about the rent payment date arriving, it is not easy to rent, walking from one place to another, we were already desperate, but thank God and our Commander dream came true”, were the words of Marjurie Navarrete Rodríguez, who is a mother of two children, a housewife, she and her husband applied for this housing program 3 years ago.

The protagonist Noel Martin Moncada, who has been a teacher for 15 years, also expressed his gratitude for the joy that came into his life, “our Sandinista government, supportive, which cares about the poorest, these projects are of vital importance for the majority of low-income families, we hope that they will continue to support the people and that our Good Government will always move forward.”

Likewise, the beneficiary Gedeón Ramírez expressed his happiness because they now own their house, where they can start a better future with their families, "the government always keeps its promises, we are happy."

The delivery of the homes was carried out with a riot of culture and emotions, with feelings running high among both the new inhabitants of the development and the municipal authorities. During the delivery, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado shared the scope of this program, which has been eradicating the housing deficit in the capital since 2019.

“There is no room for joy in our chest, every time we deliver these homes, we share the happiness and gratitude that our people have, we are celebrating the joy of living in peace, with this delivery we have benefited 1,228 families in this Urbanization ”, reported the capital mayor.

At the same time, he highlighted that 5,276 social interest homes will be built in this area, of which 2,015 will be through the Bismarck Martínez Program and 3,261 with the Nuevas Victorias Program, thanks to the cooperation of the Government of the Republic of China.

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