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Good Government launches digital catalog in celebration of International Mother Earth Day

To create a better future for all, with strategies that strengthen environmental care, Good Government institutions launched the first edition of a digital catalog, which promotes the products that are made in the protected areas of Nicaragua, in greeting to the International Mother Earth Day.

The catalog was prepared by MARENA in coordination with MEFCCA, which contains information on products manufactured by local entrepreneurs in these areas.

During the presentation of the catalog, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, explained that all the mayors of the country are participating and supporting from local governments the effort made by the Central Government in the preservation and care of Mother Earth.

“We, like all mayors, join each of the efforts made by our Good Government, for the protection and conservation of the environment, today we are ensuring a wonderful future for the new generations,” said the mayor of the capital.

The first edition was made digital with the aim of promoting it in an agile way on all social networks and on platforms that promote tourism and the riches of the region's natural resources. Each year the inclusion of more protagonists grows, with the objective of promoting and displaying their products, as reported by colleague Heyddy Calderón, Minister of MARENA.

“The products we are promoting are completely organic, in respect for Mother Earth, that is, with the least possible impact. In this first edition, 68 protagonists were included, but obviously we have a very great diversity. We hope very soon to be able to present Nicaragua with the second edition,” said Calderón.

This production of the catalog began last year with the selection of the protagonists, "we looked at the importance of being able to rescue everything they produce, we started a support plan, first this consisted of giving them training to improve the product, giving them training to know a little about what the market is, how to project oneself, the quality and performance of the product and today we have here a sample of the entrepreneurs who have been accompanied,” indicated colleague Josefa Torres, General Secretary of the Ministry of Family Economy.

During the first edition of the catalog of sustainable products, producers of honey, crafts based on plastics that tourists throw away near rivers and seas, medicinal products based on plants and artisanal wines made from Jamaica, coyolito and other fruits participated. that occur in the region.

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