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Iván Montenegro Market reaches its 43rd anniversary of founding

An emotional morning with the presentation of cultural numbers, presentation of awards and a beautiful cake, was experienced by the merchants of the Iván Montenegro market, accompanied by the authorities of the Municipal Corporation of Markets of Managua (Commema) and the Association of Merchants of Nicaragua, when celebrating the 43rd anniversary of its foundation.

During the celebration this Friday, April 19, recognitions were given to founding merchants of this shopping center, who have done hard work since 1981, strengthening this populous market.

“Today we are recognizing all those women and men founders of this market, who are an important pillar for the economy of our country, we are moving forward, building and investing in projects that really guarantee better conditions for merchants and families. who come to visit the Iván Montenegro market,” said colleague Freddy Casco, General Director of Commema.

At the same time, he highlighted that they will continue to carry out works in coordination with the Mayor's Office, Commema and the Merchants Association, turning these shopping centers into decent, safe and beautiful spaces.

Blanca Castellón, who has been selling in this market for 43 years, thanked God and the Good Government for the restitution of rights that have changed their work space.

“From 1981 until today we have looked at works that we had never seen before, we had never had these activities, they never took us into account, thank God here we are, a thousand thanks to our Government of Commander Daniel Ortega and our colleague Rosario Murillo,” he stated Castellon.

The Iván Montenegro Market has an area of 69,288 km², it is located on the east side of the Buenos Aires highway in District VII, it is visited daily by more than 10,000 people, where you can find a variety of dairy products, fruits, vegetables , meats, clothing and footwear, among others.

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