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Social team of the Juan Pablo II Track Modernization Project will give talks to the student community

To publicize the scope and impact that the Modernization of the San Juan Pablo II Runway will have, a technical team from the Managua Mayor's Office in coordination with the executing companies and the National Police continues to hold informative workshops, aimed at university students. and secondary schools, located in the intervention areas.

The workshops have been held since the clearing works began in August of last year and will continue permanently until the construction of the most important corridor in the capital is completed, as confirmed by Engineer Julio Rocha, who is part of the Team. Social of the Project, and is coordinator of student meetings in section I.

“This meeting is part of the comprehensive management of the rehabilitation project of the San Juan Pablo II Runway, it is aimed at students of environmental sciences, civil engineering, industrial engineering, law, economics and all high school students, who are on the route of work in this first phase, we are going to hold these meetings in 8 universities and 12 secondary schools,” said Rocha.

These workshops address topics related to road impact, environmental and forestry impact, economic impact, road education, the environmental management plan, monitoring of archaeological findings, the safety measures that must be taken to avoid accidents and all the importance of respecting detours, to guarantee that the work is carried out and the safety of pedestrians and drivers.

Obed Núñez is the Forest Regent of Section I, he is in charge of explaining the environmental management plan, which will be carried out to guarantee the replacement of the green areas that were affected.

"Once the works are finished, we are going to replace all the trees that had to be removed, we are going to plant 6,700 plants including fruit trees, forests and shrubs, we are going to shape the boulevards, as designed by the Mayor's Office of Managua and we will be giving monitoring all green areas, until the plants are adapted,” Núñez added.

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