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Delivery of recognitions to outstanding Entrepreneurs of Managua

Valuing the effort made daily by different entrepreneurs and for their contribution to the dynamism of the country's economy, the Mayor's Office of Managua, in coordination with the Municipal Commission of Creative Economy, held an act of recognition for the creativity and originality of their products.

During the delivery held at the Otto de la Rocha House of Culture and Creativity, the three selected protagonists, along with their families, enjoyed a concert offered by teachers from the artistic schools, who delighted them with songs written by themselves.

The Secretary of the Municipal Council, Jennifer Porras López, presented the diplomas and stated that this is an effort of the families, who intend to have their own businesses.

“We from the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power, from those strategic lines that we have, promote, train and provide knowledge, techniques so that families promote their businesses, their ventures and every day they can have better techniques, with better quality, to offer a better service,” said Porras.

Jorge García, General Manager of the TABLECO enterprise, expressed that they work with many State institutions and that everything is thanks to the support that has been given to them.

"For us it is an honor to receive this recognition, we are very grateful to the Government because it is supporting us in this initiative, our business consists of converting discarded plastics, transforming them into furniture, this is with an industrial process, we make desks, manjoles, benches and garbage cans" Garcia noted.

The event was held within the framework of the International Copyright and Intellectual Property Day, an event where the municipality valued the talent and effort that each entrepreneur makes.

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