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Road infrastructure continues to grow in the Tierra Prometida neighborhood

Before the end of April, the Tierra Prometida neighborhood located in District III, will have 96 percent of its streets covered, thanks to the Streets for the People Program, the new project underway in addition to covering the streets that previously were in their natural state, they come to expand the detour route that leads to the Suburban Track (in Section I of the San Juan Pablo II Track).

The work comes to promote and improve the quality of life for 6,430 protagonists, who in the winter season suffered from runoff, because the streets have very steep slopes, as confirmed by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López. .

“We continue to execute 11 blocks of this beautiful Streets for the People plan, a plan that is being built throughout the country, with an investment of 4.7 million córdobas and will be delivered to families for the restitution of their rights,” he detailed. Porras.

Juana Chavarría, who is originally from Bluefields, has lived in this neighborhood for 25 years, and today she celebrates her new victory with her neighbors.

“Here it was tremendous, it was pure mud, the children fell, if the taxis entered they would get stuck, but today we are victorious, I am happy, because our President has done the work, here in the Promised Land and we did not expect that” Chavarria said.

With the execution of this project, Streets for the People, it achieves a progress of 23.94 percent and by the end of 2024 it will have built 100 blocks of road infrastructure in District III of the capital. In addition to this, the Good Government will invest 38 million córdobas more. in the execution of 38 projects that will benefit 15 neighborhoods.

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