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Nicaragua will participate in the International Soccer Tournament

Within the framework of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the French Embassy in Managua held on the night of this Tuesday, April 16, at the Bernard-Marie Koltés theater, the draw for group stage placement that will participate in the International Tournament soccer.

The competition will feature the participation of 14 teams from different countries, including Nicaragua, Germany, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, the United States, France, Honduras, Japan and El Salvador, as well as the leagues of the World Program organizations. Food, European Union, UNICEF and UNOPS.

The tournament will be held this coming May 11 and is an initiative that was born to bring together all the teams from the different countries and to share among friends, expressed the Her Excellency Ambassador of France in Nicaragua, Sonia Doña Pérez.

The teams will be made up of at least 6 members, in which women and men who are fans of this sporting discipline will participate. Each match will last 15 minutes, where the players will leave everything on the field, fighting to obtain first place.

For his part, the representative of the Nicaraguan team, Ariel Boza, expressed that the Lions of the Mayor's Office of Managua will represent Nicaragua in this tournament.

"We have played for four consecutive years, we have been champions at the institutional level, last season we came in third place, we have worked on all the weaknesses we have, we had a super difficult group, we ended up with Colombia, a World Cup group, a country soccer fan, but we are going with the mentality of qualifying and hoping that Nicaragua stays in the championship,” said Boza.

The group stage was made up of group 1, between Nicaragua, Colombia, Germany and the United States, in group 2, PAM, France, Honduras and Spain, in group 3 the teams from Costa Rica, UNICEF, UNOPS and the group 4 was made up of the countries of Japan, El Salvador and the players of the DUE organization.

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