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More rehabilitated spaces for the comprehensive care of the capital's children

Once again, the municipality carried out maintenance works at the Nueva Nicaragua Child Development Center, located in District V of the capital, as confirmed by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, during a supervision visit to this children's space.

“In this children's center we have the collaboration of 10 colleagues who are caring for 19 girls and 28 boys, we come to see how the infrastructure has been improved, in the painting, the improvement in the electrical system, in the roof, preparing for the rains, so that the children are in better conditions, where their parents can have confidence that their children are protected, we have also improved the doors and windows, we have installed new fans and the conditions of the kitchen area have been improved, ”Porras explained.

The Secretary stated that Managua has 16 Child Development Centers and that this year the municipality will invest more than 17 million córdobas through the PIA 2024, guaranteeing comfort and a healthy environment for the 807 infants who are taken daily by their parents. .

Cleotilde Castellón, Director of this Center, pointed out that this is the second time that improvement works have been carried out and that this CDI has the capacity to care for 50 children.

"The children start here at 7 in the morning, we have working mothers, the colleagues from that hour begin to take care of the children, we entertain them with games, manual activities, as part of the daily routine, we are constantly supervised by the Ministry of the Family, the MINED and the Mayor's Office,” said Castellón.

All of these improvements in the different Child Development Centers are part of the support provided by the Good Government, which since 2015 has had a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Family, to be able to serve all those demands from families.

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