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Lionesses from the Mayor's Office of Managua to the volleyball final in the U19 category

In an exciting match held at the España Sports Center, on the night of this Monday, April 15, the Lionesses of the Mayor's Office of Managua roared and qualified for the semifinals of indoor volleyball in the under 19 category.

“The teams are really doing very well in these semifinals, both Panthers and Real Estelí, the Lionesses with the Jaguares, we already have the first finalist in this tournament, which is the Panthers,” commented the Sports Director of the capital commune, colleague Noel González. .

Likewise, he added that there were 10 teams that participated in this tournament, competing for 4 months, "now reaching the finals, we have been growing little by little seeing the results in fans, players and above all in the enthusiasm that the girls on the weekends, where all these games have been held.”

The Lionesses were the best and they showed it in the best three series, after leaving the Jaguares of the UAM on the road with a score of 25-11, 25-23 and 25-13, to qualify for the final, where they will face the Panthers of Managua.

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