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Good Government strengthens security measures in the transportation service to protect the lives of families

With the aim of reducing traffic accidents in the country, authorities from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, National Police, IRTRAMMA, the Association of Nicaraguan Transporters, COOTLANTICO, URECOOTRACO, announced the new lines of work, through training to drivers of municipal and intermunicipal transport.

Through a conference, the Vice Minister of the MTI, colleague Amaru Ramírez, reported that, in these trainings, three important topics are being addressed to prevent traffic accidents and protect the lives of families.

“We have a line of work that has to do with training for drivers, in these trainings we touch on three axes, the first consists of law 524 that regulates transportation in all its modalities, as a second point we have Law 431 that we impart. together with the colleagues of the National Police to all the drivers and the third is the human relations for the good treatment that the drivers have to have towards the users," said colleague Ramírez.

Likewise, he highlighted that by 2023 they carried out 22,800 mechanical inspections, of which 14,000 were random, which means that mechanical inspections were carried out before the buses enter the terminals that leave to the different departments.

“For this year we have carried out 6,260 inspections of which 4,066 are random, in 2023 we carry out 4,537 training sessions for drivers and in 2024 we have trained 2,500 people, regarding alcohol tests in 2023 we carry out 6,986 with a result of 29 positive tests, in 2024 we have 2,608 tests with 7 positive tests, with these positive tests the drivers do not get on the buses,” he added.

For his part, the Commissioner General, Jaime Vanegas, Inspector General of the National Police, Jaime Vanegas, expressed that they are developing a set of comprehensive road safety strategies, which includes the National Road Emergency Plan, Road Education Plan, Campaign National for the Protection of the lives of motorcyclists and the Regulation of the Comprehensive Transportation Plan of Caponeras.

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