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Students participate in a workshop on the proper use of cell phones in cinematographic language

Sharing knowledge and promoting talent in young people, the municipality, in coordination with the National Cinematheque, held a practical introductory workshop within the framework of World Art Day, with the aim of providing positive management of cell phone use.

The enriching activity was carried out with more than 30 students between the ages of 12 and 25, at the Arnoldo Guillén House of Culture and Creativity, on the morning of this Saturday, April 13.

Giomar Solís, head of the Department of Cultural Programs of the capital commune, pointed out that in the activity young people will learn the necessary tools that the camera provides to create short films, using the cell phone as a positive tool.

“The cell phone is an important tool to be able to project the creativity and talent of our protagonists, but also of our cultural promoters who always provide coverage to the community, activities and need to present quality work on social networks, in innovative formats” Solís highlighted.

During the practical workshop, the students learned cinematographic language, how to write a script and use the cell phone camera, in order to develop and make short films without dialogues.

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