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Residents of Lomas de Guadalupe already enjoy more paved, beautiful and safe streets

Happy to continue improving the road infrastructure of the neighborhoods and regions of the capital, municipal authorities inaugurated on the afternoon of this Thursday, April 11, 11 new blocks with a stabilized base of select cement and the application of asphalt coating (cement soil), through of the Streets for the People Program, in the Lomas de Guadalupe neighborhood, District VII.

The work that will promote mobility and access to the area, had an investment of more than 3 million córdobas, bringing comfort to 10 thousand residents (1,550 families), reported Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

"We only have 3 streets left to pave, here in this neighborhood that is very large and that has grown a lot lately, we are going to do the same with other neighborhoods in the area, the workers of district 7 are ready to do similar works in the Laureles Sur, in Israel Galeano, in the Annex of Villa Libertad, Villa Revolución and in Villa Venezuela,” highlighted the capital mayor.

Likewise, he shared that in recent years this neighborhood has received works with an investment of around 50 million córdobas, one of the most benefited sectors, like the rest of the capital, with the support of the Good Government, “the people of Nicaragua is going to continue building, working, celebrating on this route of peace, of victory, of progress, which the government of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario guarantees, of course I invite the residents to take care of these streets, so that they last us this year and many more.”

Rosa Emilia Zamora, a resident of Lomas de Guadalupe, expressed her happiness for the new streets and called for keeping them clean to always live beautifully.

Likewise, the protagonist Luis Ñaméndiz added that they will now be able to travel safely, "I can go out with my granddaughter, we ask you on behalf of the entire population to continue improving and contributing to the progress of these Lomas de Guadalupe, which is one of the neighborhoods that always he comes out high in the votes for our President.”

These 11 blocks in Lomas de Guadalupe were inaugurated with a prayer to the Almighty, presentation of cultural acts, clowns painting faces, piñatas and medical consultations with the delivery of medicines, completely free.

To date, the Streets for the People Program has made progress of more than 23 percent with 328 blocks improved.

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