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Construction of four bridge boxes simultaneously in section I of the San Juan Pablo II Runway

The Secretary of the Council of Managua, Jennifer Porras López, made a supervision visit to the construction of a bridge box over the El Arroyo channel. Parallel to this storm drainage project, bridge boxes are also being executed over the Cuajachillo, Pochocuape and San Isidro de Bolas, all located in District III.

During the visit, the Secretary of the Managua Council explained that the El Arroyo channel has a length of 62 linear meters with a width of 10 meters and a depth of 5 square meters.

“The El Arroyo channel is one of the four channels that make up the storm drainage system, which we are working on in parallel in this Section I of the San Juan Pablo II Runway, they have a schedule that is being met within the established time, We hope to have these four channels by the end of May, the El Arroyo channel is one of the longest, deepest and widest that we have, in this one we are already filling it, in the other three channels Pochocuape, Cuajachillo and San Isidro de We can see that a different infrastructure was built there,” said Porras.

Likewise, he reported that the works in El Arroyo are 48 percent complete and have an investment of more than 5 million dollars, improving the connectivity of the storm and sanitary drainage of the entire section of Section I.

The neighborhoods that will benefit from the construction of the El Arroyo bridge box are: La Esperanza, El Recreo, Andrés Castro, Julio Martínez, René Cisneros, El Pilar, Pablo Sexto, San Judas and Colonia Independencia.

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