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Expansion of the Eastern channel will provide security to thousands of families in 9 neighborhoods of the capital

The construction and expansion of the Eastern channel has progressed by 10 percent. The storm drainage project is part of the complementary works that the municipality has been carrying out for seven months in section IV of the San Juan Runway Expansion and Modernization Project. Paul II, this was explained by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, during a tour to evaluate the scope of the work.

“This is one of the channels that has been giving us problems every winter, we have already placed 340 linear meters of hydraulic concrete in the floor slab, there are 550 meters in total that we are going to cover, when we finish the intervention we will have a hydraulic box "At 9 meters wide and 5 meters deep, the hydraulic capacity that the channel will have grows by 50 percent," reported the capital's mayor.

Rueda explained that, by doubling the capacity of the channel to handle large volumes of water, critical points that flooded every winter will be eliminated.

“It gives security and well-being to several neighborhoods in the area such as: San José Oriental, El Edén, Larreynaga, Enrique Smith, Oscar Turcios, El Paraisito, Costa Rica, Pedro Joaquín Chamorro, Las Torres, all these neighborhoods are safe, because there are complementary works to the construction of the channel, such as the construction of a rainwater interceptor and collector and minor drainage works in the streets,” mentioned Mayor Rueda.

According to the municipality's projections, the work could be completed between February and March of next year and to achieve this, work days are carried out from Monday to Sunday, in two shifts, generating 180 jobs.

Parallel to the construction of the Eastern channel, the municipality will cover 140 linear meters of the Las Cuaresma channel and 190 meters of the Bello Horizonte channel.

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