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More than 450 families from the Leonel Rugama neighborhood benefit from two welfare and security projects

A sanitary drainage work and the rehabilitation of the park were inaugurated by the municipal authorities together with the families of the Leonel Rugama Colony of District IV, on the afternoon of this Thursday, April 4.

During the delivery, the mayor of the capital explained that this project is part of stage II and consisted of the installation of more than 600 linear meters of PVC pipe, directly connecting 75 families to the sanitary sewer, in addition to the reconstruction of more than 505 meters. squares of pedestrian platform.

“We started with the I stage in 2023 and today we are delivering the II stage of this project, here we are talking about a Colony that is more than 80 years old, which means that all the sewage had already completed its lifespan,” reported Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

At the same time, he explained that this second stage included the renovation of the park that bears the same name and consisted of improving the field and children's play area, lighting and maintaining the perimeter wall.

Cristina Calero, a resident of this sector, thanked the Good Government for delivering this work that changes their lives, with more health and recreation.

“This project was very fundamental, a joy for the community, we went through this contaminated liquid, with the help of the Government and our Mayor's Office this project became a reality, both for sewage and our park, here we were worried with so much contamination, this It was desolate and now our children enjoy this project,” said Calero.

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