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Winter 2024 Plan advances successfully in Managua

On the morning of this Tuesday, March 26, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua began the day of cleaning the FANABASA channel, located in District V of the capital, a strategy that guarantees safety and well-being for the families of this sector and that It is part of the Winter 2024 Plan.

This day consisted of the evacuation of 614 tons of garbage and sediment, as reported by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

“With the cleaning of this channel we would have so far carried more than 1,373 tons of sediment and garbage, that means more than 40 percent of attention to our storm drainage, in addition to the other components of the Winter Plan, the capital city councilor detailed.

Likewise, he stated that within the components of this Winter Plan, large projects are being executed in the capital, "we are advancing in the hydraulic works in San Isidro de la Cruz Verde in district III with more than 40 percent, we are also advancing in the II stage of the channel lining in Las Américas 4 with 80 percent and in district I we have a storm drainage project, combined with the street lining component.”

For this year, the municipality will invest with the Winter Plan, 932 million 200 thousand córdobas, of this 25 million 100 thousand córdobas will be invested in environmental education programs, adaptation to climate change and management of protected areas.

The Good Government carries out this strategic planning to constantly serve families who live in critical points of the capital.

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