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Monitoring of the Streets for the People Program in the Carlos Núñez neighborhood

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, made a supervision visit on the morning of this Monday, March 25, to the stabilization project of 4,626.67 square meters, 7 blocks with cement soil, which is being carried out in the Carlos Núñez neighborhood of District II , a new modality of the Streets for the People Program, which contributes to improving access roads and the living conditions of families.

During the visit, the mayor of the capital reported that the work is 22 percent complete and benefits more than 1,700 inhabitants.

“This is the first part of a series of activities that will be carried out in this sector, these 7 new streets will benefit the brothers who have motorcycles, capon trucks, light vehicles, here many people go to Linda Vista, to Las Brisas , also residents who go down to the area of El Triunfo Street, they are well-traveled areas and they needed this work,” said Vice Mayor Armas.

Likewise, he highlighted that the Streets for the People Program is advancing successfully with 315 streets covered, of the 1,417 projected to be attended to throughout this year.

For this year, with the emblematic Streets for the People program, the municipality will execute 21 blocks in 7 neighborhoods of this District II.

While, with the 2024 Annual Investment Plan, 13 million 600 thousand córdobas will be invested in the Carlos Núñez neighborhoods in the Ceibón Sector, Sector D and E, Julio Buitrago neighborhood, Motastepe, Bóer, Santa Ana, Cuba neighborhood, improvement work road on El Triunfo Street II stage, in addition to a social development project in the Villa Virgen Guadalupe neighborhood.

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