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Road network in the Milagro de Dios neighborhood continues to grow thanks to the Streets for the People Program

The inhabitants of the Milagro de Dios neighborhood, located in District V, together with the municipal authorities, inaugurated 6 new blocks of road network, which were covered by the Streets for the People Program. The project has an investment of 3.2 million córdobas and benefited 1,412 protagonists.

When delivering the project to the families of the neighborhood, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado highlighted the work that the municipality has carried out in this area of the capital since 2009, to improve and transform the living conditions of the residents.

Among the scope of the projects carried out are the construction of 18 decent homes and an investment that exceeds 50 million córdobas in road and storm drainage works.

Also, he confirmed that this year the Streets for the People Program will serve 1,417 blocks with an investment of 4,540 million 242,442 córdobas, in the execution of 223 road improvement projects.

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