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Children and young people from Managua participate in a painting exhibition and portrait making

In greeting to the 75th anniversary of the birth of the poet and guerrilla Leonel Rugama, more than 20 students from the Arnoldo Guillén and Otto de la Rocha Houses of Culture and Creativity, held an exhibition and creation of open-air paintings, as part of the promotion of creative and cultural circuits.

The protagonists are students of the different plastic arts courses, who have already spent more than a year learning in these studios and who project themselves through the exhibition of paintings and freehand drawings. This cultural day allows parents to see the progress and skills that the protagonists have acquired during all this time.

Giomar Solís, from the Directorate of Culture of the capital commune, said that children, young people and older adults from these houses of culture and creativity participated in this exhibition, “exhibiting and showing all the achievements and learning that they have developed during a year and four years.” months, with different painting techniques.”

Parents expressed satisfaction with the free courses taught in these houses of culture and creativity, which contributes to the comprehensive development of their children.

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