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Houses of Culture of the capital commemorate World Theater Day

In greeting to World Theater Day, the Cara o Sol Theater Company of the Houses of Culture and Creativity presented the play “The Song of Space”, in tribute to the famous poet Alfonso Cortés.

The work was performed by teachers from the schools of culture and creativity, it was the exact moment where the relatives of the Leonese poet Alfonso Cortés wanted to intervene and take him to a psychiatric hospital, the time when he began to write his best poems.

His poems and texts were also part of the work of one of the greatest national poets, who in this year, 2024, commemorates the 55th anniversary of his passage to another plane of life. The activity took place at the Arnoldo Guillén House of Culture and Creativity and was accompanied by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, students from schools in the area and from the National Technology Institute.

“To each of these artists who have dedicated themselves to the culture of expression of feelings, expression of love, expression of the deepest thing that comes from the soul of an artist, from the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power we always invite Nicaraguan families to join , to be part of the culture, of art, that the Sandinista Government promotes,” said Porras.

Julio César Cruz, Director of the Arnoldo Guillén House of Culture, stated that the theme of the play La Canción del Espacio is another tribute to the great Leonese poet, “in greeting to World Theater Day we made all the poems, phrases of Alfonso Cortés, we developed it to make an artistic scene, where people can learn about the life of Alfonso Cortés in his last moment.”

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