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Families from the Los Vanegas region celebrate the paving of their streets

After 50 years of waiting, the inhabitants of the Los Vanegas region will celebrate the Holy Week festivities with new streets, thanks to the Streets for the People 2024 Program, which made 2,935 inhabitants the protagonists.

During the inauguration of the new covered section, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales shared with the residents that the program has made 22 percent progress with 311 blocks completed.

"We are in the alley of Los Loaisiga, delivering to the residents of the sector 7 new blocks, which the Government of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario directed that the Mayor's Office of Managua build, it is a work whose cost exceeds 4 million córdobas and benefits to thousands of residents who live in the area and the surrounding area, because an enormous number of developments have been built here,” reported the Vice Mayor of the capital.

The streets delivered to the community were built with the new modality, carried out by the Streets for the People Program and consists of stabilizing the base with cement, prior to the asphalt coating.

Alejandro Loaisiga was born and raised in Los Vanegas. All his life he had to endure the mud in the winter and the dust in the summer.

“For a long time, we were waiting for this work, I have lived here for 54 years, I grew up in these dusty fields that are now beautiful and elegant streets that we are going to traffic, now we are definitely blessed, prosperous and in victories, greetings to the Commander and the Companion, for the works they are doing to move Nicaragua forward,” said Loáisiga.

420 families live in Los Vanegas and in the last 11 years, the Good Government has carried out 14 projects to improve the area's roads and storm drainage, with an investment of 16 million 483 thousand 375 córdobas, plus the construction of 18 decent homes .

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