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Bayardo Ortiz House of Culture and Creativity holds “Lent and Traditions Conversation”

Promoting the culture, customs and traditions of the Holy Week season, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua held the “Lent and Traditions Conversation”, with the participation of more than 40 students and teachers from the Bayardo Ortiz House of Culture and Creativity, the afternoon of this Tuesday, March 19.

During the presentation, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales expressed that these cultural activities are typical of the municipality.

"Now that we have so many houses of culture and creativity, such as the Bayardo Ortiz House, today within the framework of the festivities of Semana Mayor, Holy Week, which we are about to enter, the municipality is going to hold a conversation with folklorists, With traditionalists, companions well versed in popular gastronomy, Holy Week in Nicaragua is completely different from that of other countries, here we have our traditions, our foods, our religious activities throughout the country,” said the mayor of the capital.

The celebration was also accompanied by parents, who enjoyed dances, music, theater and an exhibition of traditional seasonal foods.

“We have the areas of traditional foods, fruits and sweets, right now we are promoting culture and tradition, we as mothers of families feel proud to support these events, here we have jocote, banana, mango, watermelon and coconut for make the delicious syrup,” said the mother of the family, Mayelena Ocón.

In these houses of culture and creativity created by the Good Government, children, adolescents and young people are given the opportunity to learn dance, music, art and theater, completely free of charge.

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