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IX Stage of lining the La Primavera channel

In the La Primavera neighborhood, the IX stage of channel lining is being carried out, with the aim of reducing the vulnerability of more than 800 families in this capital neighborhood.

During a supervision visit, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales reported that this mitigation work consists of lining 120 linear meters of channel, which reaches 1,165 linear meters of lined channel.

“This was one of the very serious critical points that we had here in Managua, but thanks to the support that Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario give to all the municipalities and in this specific case to the municipality of Managua, we are developing in this year 2024 the ninth stage of the lining of this channel in the La Primavera neighborhood, one of the most important channels in the coastal area here in the capital city, remember that we once had 147 critical points in the city of Managua and now we only have 54, it has been "A tremendous job has been done," highlighted the mayor of the capital.

For their part, the population expressed their gratitude for this work that has significantly improved their quality of life, “we are grateful first to God and then to the government that has done good works in this place, it is an achievement that we have, that The government has made this project for us with good benefits for the families,” said Mrs. María Auxiliadora Rivera.

The work is part of the Winter 2024 Plan, which this year plans to carry out 120 mitigation works in vulnerable areas, in addition to environmental workshops and the cleaning of the city's major and minor drainage.

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