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Managua chooses the best flavors, smells and colors at the Fifteenth Gastronomic Festival

A varied delicacy of meals, soups and sweets, was part of the fifteenth edition of the Gastronomic Festival “Flavors of Lent 2024”, organized by the Creative Economy Commission in conjunction with the municipality, Commema and the Association of Merchants, on the morning of this Sunday, March 17, at the Róger Deshon market, located in the San Judas neighborhood.

In this gastronomic festival at the municipal level of Managua, 17 merchants from the 8 markets of the capital participated, who competed with different dishes from the Lent season, reported Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

“Participating in this beautiful event that is taking place today for the first time, in this beautiful gallery that we have here in the San Judas market, today very important prizes of 6 thousand córdobas will be awarded for the best soup, 6 córdobas for the best food and three thousand córdobas for the best sweet of this Lent season, we are going to try syrups today, we are going to try soups and we are going to try fish,” said the mayor of the capital.

The call was made at the national level, which includes 153 municipal and departmental contests and the national one that will be held on April 27 in the municipality of Nagarote, indicated comrade Freddy Casco, General Director of the Municipal Corporation of Markets of Managua, Commema. .

“A coordinated effort with the merchants, with those men and women who prepare delicious food dishes, special soups, for Holy Week, who can present what they do and so that our people can visit the 8 markets of Managua, can buy and support these small and medium merchants.”

Rice with shrimp, fried fish a la tipitapa, jalapeno fish, in addition to the traditional cheese, curd, and seafood soups, accompanied by delicious syrups, were part of the meals presented, a difficult task for the judging jury, represented by members of the Inatec, who took into account the flavor, color, aroma, presentation, texture and history of the meals.

“This is a decoration that we make for our fish, because that is what we eat right now during Holy Week, a very tasty fish, we have slices, avocado, a tasty salad, here we are,” said participant Elsa Martínez Gutiérrez from the market. Oriental.

The winners of first place in soups were the merchant Reyna María Orozco Castillo from the Oriental market with the cheese soup, in traditional foods with the fish dish, the merchant Josseling Arelys González from the Virgen de Candelaria market and in the sweets category with the best syrup, the merchant Rosa de los Ángeles Torrez from the Mayoreo market.

This gastronomic event, promoted by the Good Government, has become a cultural reference every year and brings joy to families, with a gala of gastronomic richness.

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