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Municipality of Ciudad Sandino wins the Queen Summer of Love 2024 Departmental Contest

Miss Ashley Sánchez from the Ciudad Sandino municipality, will be the representative of the Department of Managua in the national Queen Summer of Love 2024 pageant, after winning the departmental crown, in a close competition, among the 9 candidates from each of the municipalities of Managua .

The departmental contest was held on the shores of the Xiloá lagoon, in a festive atmosphere, where the candidates expressed their knowledge about the culture, history and tourism of their municipalities, in addition to their scenic dominance on the catwalk.

Managua as a municipality achieved the title of first finalist, the representative of Villa El Carmen was the second finalist and Tipitapa was chosen as miss congeniality. The national Queen Summer of Love event will take place in the municipality of Somoto, on April 6.

This event was attended by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, Coordinator of the Tourism Cabinet of the department of Managua, who expressed the idea of continuing to promote the tourism development of each municipality and department.

“Managua has very beautiful attractions, such as the Xiloá lagoon, to this date the tourist destinations in the department have increased, as well as Paseo Xolotlán, the beaches of San Rafael del Sur and Villa El Carmen,” said the mayor. capital.

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