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Archeology and History Seminar “Cultural Horizons of Managua”

On the occasion of the 205th Anniversary of the Leal Villa de Managua, the municipality, through the Directorate of Historical Heritage, held this Thursday, March 14, an archeology and history seminar, with the aim of highlighting legends from 5,500 years before Christ, until 1821 after Christ.

The activity was attended by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who highlighted that a series of data from archaeological studies have been published.

"A series of finds have been discovered in the Nejapa area, which prove to us that there were lives and a lot of activity in our Managua since 7,500 years before Christ, the Traces of Acahualinca are much older, there is a very important of the Mayor's Office and is to make a museum with all the laws, but for the moment we will only have activities, conferences with historians," said the mayor of the capital.

The topics addressed were the antiquity of the people of Managua, from the Footprints of Acahualinca to independence in 1821, the latest archaeological finds found in a new site that contains a lot of history, located in Nejapa, where they discovered evidence of human life, before Christ. .

Héctor Neff, exhibitor and archaeologist, said that these topics are interesting and in this new site they found lithics and burned clay without ceramics, "in our hypothesis is that this site was from the Archaic period, an important period in the history of Central America , a fact that gives an exact date to the same period as the Traces of Acahualinca, which makes it easier for us to talk in more detail about this topic.”

During this exhibition, recognition was given to Dr. Wilfredo Navarro, president of the Academy of Geography and History of Nicaragua, for its 90 years of foundation, in addition to the contribution he has made together with his team in providing knowledge, research and analysis. of the history of Managua.

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