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Streets for the People 2024 Program advances satisfactorily with 21 percent

Committed to guaranteeing the well-being and future of the capital's families, we continue to develop the Streets for the People Program, which for this year 2024 is projected to serve 1,417 blocks throughout the municipality.

In a follow-up visit to the road improvement project with a stabilized base in the Los Vanegas region, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado announced that, in this area of District V, 7 blocks were paved, with an investment of 4 million 273 thousand 554 córdobas, turning almost 3 thousand inhabitants into protagonists of rights, who will now have better access roads and public health.

"Here we are following up on the Streets for the People Program, here we have invested significant sums, we have advanced 21 percent, that translates into 303 blocks in the different modalities, more than 143 blocks with manual patching, we have 59 blocks of resurfacing, more than 16 blocks in mechanized patching projects, in addition to the 85 blocks with cement soil, which is a new modality, to meet the demand of families who have dirt streets and who do not have sanitary sewage," explained the mayor. capital.

The Los Vanegas region has received, with the support of the Good Government, 18 decent homes, 14 road improvement projects, through paving streets, construction of platforms and improvement of dirt streets, with an investment of 16 million 483 thousand 375 córdobas.

The families showed satisfaction with this new work, "first of all it improves the health of the children, because they were constantly getting sick, therefore, dust, this is one of the streets that has a double exit and this also allows drivers have access to the 2 main streets, Esquipulas and Los Vanegas,” said Mrs. Ruth Mary Vanegas.

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