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Construction of a bridge box begins in the Américas I neighborhood of District VII

With the objective of improving roads and storm drainage in the Américas I neighborhood, the municipality began the construction of a bridge box, through the 2024 Annual Investment Plan, the project is 30 percent complete and has an investment of 7 million 586 thousand 464 córdobas and will benefit 2 thousand 200 protagonist families (13,200 inhabitants).

"Here we are in the area of district VII, where we started a project, to improve the living conditions of thousands of families who live in the surroundings, with the construction of a bridge box that will be 12 linear meters long and a width of 4.5 meters in the internal part, this is a very important and highly circulated area, here we are practically connecting District VI and VII, all the neighborhoods near Iván Montenegro such as June 9, Rafaela Herrera, Américas III, Américas IV, Américas II, there are important schools here, like Roberto Cruz that have more than 4 thousand young people in both shifts,” reported Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

These works will expand 49 linear meters of the 560 that the Américas I channel has, reinforcing its walls with steel and reinforced concrete, because the bases of the vehicular bridge will rest on this point. During the tour, the Mayor shared with the residents that the new road work will become a new road corridor.

“We are doing our planning for the urban development of our municipality in a comprehensive and orderly manner, addressing the main roads and visualizing the expansion of the Rubenia Track, which practically joins what is Sabana Grande, a very important and circulated track, because we have markets. and important commercial areas,” explained Rueda.

Germán Alonso Caracas is one of the first inhabitants who came to live in the neighborhood 48 years ago. He and his community feel very happy with the new work.

“Thank God, our Good Government, led by Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, are completely developing Nicaragua and we are going to emerge like the phoenix. This project will benefit a large number of the population of the Villa Bulgaria and Villa Austria neighborhoods. , Villa Revolución, March 8, Los López, this is a project that will be useful when the expansion of the Rubenia Runway begins,” said Caracas.

Upon completion of the construction of the bridge box, the municipality will install 8 new lights, pave 70 linear meters of new streets and build 120 meters of platforms for the pedestrian crossing.

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