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Representative of District V wins the Queen Summer of Love 2024 contest

On a night full of lights, excitement, nervousness and the hubbub of the bars, Miss Alejandra Picado Hernández, representative of District V, was crowned as the new Queen of the Verano de Amor 2024 contest in the municipality of Managua, in its fifth edition.

The election of the Queen took place in the Paseo Xolotlán Water Park, on the night of this Sunday, March 10, with a stage and a catwalk inspired by the summer season. Event organized by Good Government at the national level, with the 153 mayors' offices throughout the country, INTUR, Nicaragua Diseña, MEFCCA, INIFOM, Juventud Sandinista and the Leonel Rugama Cultural Movement, with the aim of contributing to the enjoyment and well-being of the Nicaraguan families, during the summer season.

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales explained that the new Queen will have the responsibility of representing the municipality, next Saturday, March 16, at the Xiloá Tourist Center, in the departmental contest.

“The lady who wins today will be the representative of the municipality of Managua in the grand finale of the department and if she wins she will represent us in the national contest. We have 8 beautiful candidates who will compete in cocktail dresses, swimsuits and, as is tradition , are accompanied by their respective bars, which are also taken into account by the jury,” reported the capital mayor.

Fernando Fuentes, director of the Creative School of Nicaragua Diseña and member of the judging jury, explained that beauty, catwalk and intelligence were taken into account to choose the winner.

“The parameters that we are going to evaluate are intelligence and beauty, they go hand in hand with each other, you have to know your municipality very well, I want to tell you that I have seen many contests in my life, but the most important beauty contest, the most sincerely, from which the greatest seedbed of beautiful and talented women comes is this, because we start from the region, we go to the municipality and then we go to the national, we have already had Miss Teen, mises and models that come from here," said Fuentes.

Alejandra Picado Hernández, in addition to being the new Summer Queen of the capital, is in her fifth year of obstetrics-gynecological nursing and for her this type of event opens the doors to new spaces for youth, “winning this contest means an achievement, not only for me, but for my district, it allows us young women to have other perspectives of ourselves, it drives us and empowers us.”

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