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The Women's Volleyball Championship advances in U19 and First Division 2024

This weekend, the Spain Sports Center was the scene of the games between the Lionesses of Managua and the Jaguares of the UAM, in the IV edition of the Women's Volleyball Championship, in the U19 and First Division categories.

The competition was chaired by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who expressed that this sports day has been underway for more than a month and is part of the support that the Good Government provides to sports, in its different disciplines.

“A first division women's championship, where 20 teams are competing at the national level, there are 10 in the U19 category and 10 in the first Division, we are in the second round, 280 athletes are participating here, it is a three-month journey, they are our Lionesses of Managua participating, who have maintained first place, three-time champions and we are going for fourth,” reported the capital's mayor.

Likewise, he pointed out that the tournament is being held at the different team headquarters and that good results have been obtained.

During this time of competition, the players have shown to be united, giving their best in each match, with the goal of reaching first place and being crowned champions.

"We are giving everything to reach the final, my expectations are to reach the semifinals, enter the final and win, I have been in volleyball for approximately 7 years, I have been playing since I was little and I love the experience, we are grateful to the Government that take us into account, let us make ourselves known,” said athlete Massiel Brenes.

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