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Street covering dignifies the lives of families in the Selim Shible neighborhood

In compliance with the commitments made to the families, this Wednesday, March 6, municipal authorities delivered one more road improvement work of 1,473 square meters of asphalt coating, through the Streets for the People 2024 Program in the Selim Shible neighborhood, in the District. IV.

A new street that had an investment of 1.7 million córdobas and benefits more than 1,500 inhabitants, who will now be able to travel with greater safety, reported the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López.

"We are delivering a little more than two blocks, thanks to this Streets for the People Program we have been able to reach all these sectors and many more, we here in District IV have the opportunity to develop an investment of 19 million córdobas in 6 neighborhoods of Managua, with this emblematic program and it is also important to recognize all the investments in road infrastructure projects, storm drainage, sidewalks, gutters and curbs that are being executed through the Annual Investment Plan,” Porras reported.

At the same time, he explained that only in District IV, with the Annual Investment Plan, 12 projects will be executed with an investment of 14 million córdobas, “investments that are very significant, a district that is fully urbanized, we have improvement, an important investment such as the Juan Pablo II Track, which we have been working on section IV and we are committed to continuing to advance.”

The protagonist families expressed that, for a long time, they had difficulties, mainly with the arrival of winter, but thanks to the attention of the Good Government, starting today they will be able to enjoy beautiful, modern and safe streets.

“Wonderful, they had not carried out this work well here, they are very elegant, before they were streams of water and now they are not, people will be able to move easily with tranquility and luxury, the restitution of rights that had previously been denied, is now ready for population, pass through its well-made streets,” said Jaime Talavera.

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