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In the final stretch II stage of the Rehabilitation and Modernization Project of Las Piedrecitas Park

The rehabilitation and modernization project of the Las Piedrecitas park in its second stage is in the final stage, as reported by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, during a tour of the construction works.

Rueda reiterated the Good Government's permanent commitment to preserving “Las Piedrecitas”, which opened its doors for the first time in 1920, due to its historical value, at the same time he explained that the new design will offer new generations a space for family recreation. comprehensive.

“We will begin this first stage in 2022, we will install drinking water, electricity, the construction of platforms, two restaurants, lighting for the entire area, the perimeter wall that is 420 linear meters, the administration area and the security area,” explained the capital city councilor.

Likewise, he shared that in this second stage there is already a progress of 78.4 percent, "that is equivalent to the total construction of 2 volleyball courts, with an area of 1,758 m2, a bleacher area with 772 seats, that demonstrates the "The magnitude of the reconstruction, at the end of the three stages the park will have a total of 7 blocks, we have tried to preserve all the trees, because they are more than 100 years old."

The second stage of the project has an investment of 180 million 297 thousand 389 córdobas. Once the modernization of this historic park is completed, residents of the capital will be able to enjoy new green areas and a beautiful view. Rueda, highlighted that the new design preserves the viewpoints towards the lagoon and the monuments that it had since its beginnings.

“The construction of the park is also a protection of the water mirror, which is so important for us Managuans, because from there we consume high quality water at a Central American level, we are also going to preserve El Tren, which was the first locomotive that came to the country in 1904 and La Ronda de los Niños, which is a tribute to the children who were victims of the 1972 earthquake and we are going to preserve the viewpoints, to enjoy a beautiful view of the Asososca Lagoon and Lake Xolotlán,” Rueda added. .

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