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Young people from the capital participate in the Beach Volleyball Festival

From Puerto Salvador Allende, on the morning of this Sunday, February 25, young people from the different districts of Managua and who belong to the municipality's academies and the Nicaraguan Volleyball Federation, participated in the Beach Volleyball Festival, prior to the start in the month of April of the Managua 2024 Youth Games.

The competition had the participation of 14 male and 10 female couples, aged since 2007, reported the Sports Director of the capital commune, Noel González.

"Since last year we have been working with the brothers of Puerto Salvador Allende, to promote this sporting discipline and invite them to the official inauguration of the Beach Volleyball Academy, which will take place on Paseo Xolotlán, on Tuesday at 4 the afternoon,” González reported.

He also highlighted that this academy will receive children and young people from 6 years old to 17, from Tuesday to Thursday, from 4:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon, registration is completely free, "from now on We hope to continue spreading this sport, which has given us a lot of glory to Nicaragua, both in Central American and even pre-World events.”

Oscar Tapia, responsible for events and promotions of Puerto Salvador Allende, said that support is provided to these events for the fun of youth.

“This is so that the boys who are here can enjoy these spaces, Puerto Salvador Allende by creating these volleyball courts is doing so not only so that there are cultural events, but also sporting events, boxing, a cycling race is coming soon on March 10 , in conjunction with the Cycling Federation and the Managua Mayor's Office, so that young people can come and register,” shared Tapia.

The young participants expressed that these competitions help them to recreate and share with friends, “I feel happy to be able to implement this sport in my life and put it as part of my daily agenda,” said Fernanda Araúz González.

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