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Alejandro Cuadra House of Culture and Creativity celebrates its first anniversary

With an intense day full of dances, lectures and exhibitions of the different typical costumes that Nicaragua has, the Managua Mayor's Office celebrated the first anniversary of the Alejandro Cuadra House of Culture and Creativity.

In its first year of work, this art and dance school received 210 protagonists, who today are training as dancers in different genres including folklore, ballet, contemporary dance, zumba and belly dance.

When sharing with the new generation of dancers in the capital and with parents, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales highlighted the importance of creating these cultural spaces, where new generations are taught the importance of knowing the typical costumes and all the process that is generated to prepare them.

“As time goes by, this is one of the first houses that the capital commune opened, we are celebrating with a very beautiful exhibition of folklore costumes, made by the hands of Nicaraguan artisans, true experts in the field and who have a lot of creativity, The costumes have been changing over the years, becoming more colorful and with accessories,” Armas explained.

Classes are free, thanks to the work that the Good Government has been doing in promoting art and strengthening national identity through culture, from Monday to Thursday from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.: 00 at night and on Fridays from 2:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon, it also offers Saturday courses from 1:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon.

Recognized exponents detailed the main characteristics of the mestizaje costumes, Las Húngaras, Palo de Mayo, Polka and Mazurca and explained to the students how the Nicaraguan government protects cultural identity, through the declaration of the Huipil Costume, as Intangible Artistic Heritage of the Nation, on September 8 of last year.

“Our Government of Reconciliation and National Unity has put a lot of effort into the cultural development of our country and within this is comprehensive education, since the arts are an important part for children's study, for their cognitive area and their development. as a human being,” said Elvin Vanegas, Coordinator of the Alejandro Cuadra House of Culture and Creativity.

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