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Edgard Lang neighborhood in District II already has 3 improved blocks

In the Edgard Lang neighborhood, capital authorities inaugurated this Friday, February 23, a road improvement work, which consists of the asphalt resurfacing of 3 blocks (672 square meters), through the Streets for the People Program, with an investment of 766 one thousand 684 córdobas.

With this work of good, the Good Government turns 340 inhabitants of this community into protagonists of rights, who have also benefited from the construction of 13 Decent Homes, reported Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

“All month we have delivered streets in this modality in District II, we were in Las Palmas, Batahola Norte, Linda Vista Norte and now in the Edgard Lang neighborhood, we are very happy, but above all the well-being of the population is expressed by themselves. "For us it is a commitment to continue meeting the demands of the entire population," said the mayor of the capital.

The families expressed their gratitude to the Good Government for their beautiful streets, "now they are a source of pride, because they were deteriorated, we must take care of them, we thank God and our President, we congratulate them," said resident Aura Lila Pérez.

For this year 2024, in District II, the municipality will execute 13 road, storm drainage and sanitary sewage projects, with an investment of 13 million 600 thousand córdobas; that will directly benefit the Carlos Núñez, Julio Buitrago, Bóer, Santa Ana, Cuba, Villa Guadalupe and Valle Dorado neighborhoods.

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