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Residents of Linda Vista Norte inaugurate 6 blocks resurfaced by the Streets for the People Program

Municipal authorities, together with the residents of the Linda Vista Norte residential area, inaugurated on the afternoon of this Tuesday, February 20, 6 blocks of road network, which were resurfaced through the Streets for the People 2024 Program, with the aim of guaranteeing good road circulation and security for the inhabitants of this sector, located in District II.

The work had an investment of 2.5 million córdobas and directly benefits 1,600 protagonists who live in the surrounding area, reported Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

“Thank God we have already begun to deliver these projects of love, affection, solidarity and taking into account the concerns and demands that the population expresses, through the town councils, this was one of the projects that the families were requesting, here We have more than 200 families in this area of Linda Vista Norte,” shared the mayor of the capital.

At the same time, he added that in this District II with the Annual Investment Plan, 13 projects will be executed with an investment of 13 million córdobas. Meanwhile, with the Streets for the People Program, 25 blocks of road network will be built in the neighborhoods: Edgard Lang, Batahola Norte, Las Brisas, Las Palmas and Linda Vista Norte.

The families were happy with their new streets, because after 30 years they can now enjoy them, "happy, because it is the only government that has been able to carry out these works for the benefit of the population," said the protagonist Ronald Cerna.

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