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Managua Mayor's Office establishes new detours in Sections I and IV of the San Juan Pablo II Highway

The Mayor's Office of Managua informs that, starting on Wednesday, February 21 and Friday, February 23, new detours will be enabled for vehicular traffic on the San Juan Pablo II Highway, at the same time it asks the population for their understanding, because these Detours are necessary for the construction of the mega project, which will modernize the city's most important road corridor.

The point that will be affected by the new detours in Section I will be the El Zumen stop, located in front of the MINED; all routes that pass through this point will undergo a slight change in their route.

Starting on Friday, February 23, routes 6, 103, 106, 110, 112, 114, 118, 120 and 123, which come from the ENACAL sector to the Casimiro Sotelo University, Instead of stopping at El Zumen, they will do so at the stop located on the west side of Gallo más Gallo, they will advance towards the South until they reach the Héroes y Mártires del Bocay park in Colonia Independencia, turning east (left) 3 blocks, changing their direction again heading North (left), until they reach the Juan Pablo II Track, moving from South to North entering the Andrés Castro neighborhood until they reach the park, they will turn East (right) 2 blocks, turning North until they reach the alternate route 25 Street, at this point its route is normalized.

Routes 105, 107, 175, Mini route 4 or 261 that come from Loma Linda to the North will also be affected, These transport units will travel from South to North, until they reach the same intersection point of the previous routes. Once they reach the park in the Andrés Castro neighborhood, they will turn west (left) joining the street that passes on the side. East of the Civic Center, until reaching 25 Street, to continue with its normal trip, the units of route 154 preserve their route.

Intermunicipal routes coming from Nejapa, El Crucero, Villa El Carmen, Cuajachillo, Monte Tabor, Jinotepe, Monte Fresco, Masatepe, Pochomil, El Tránsito and all the communities located on the old highway to León, whose destination is the Israel market bus terminal Lewites They maintain their journey.

Buses coming from León, Chinandega, Nagarote, La Paz Centro, Mateare, Chichigalpa, El Viejo, Guasaule, Corinto and routes 125, 210 coming from Ciudad Sandino, They maintain their journey.

Detours in Section IV All routes that come from Carretera Norte to the terminals located in Linda Vista Norte, El Seminario and Loma Linda will have a new detour, because the passage from East to West at the La Salvadorita Traffic Lights will be closed, all transport units They will only be able to circulate from North to South, passing in front of the Eastern cemetery, until they reach the South West corner of the Periférico market, turning 5 blocks heading West, until they reach the track again.

All these detours will be made because excavation work has already begun to install stormwater pipes in the El Arroyo channels (District III) and the Eastern Channel, a section located at the El Edén traffic lights (District IV).

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