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Merchants prepared with all the products of the summer season

Waiting for families are the merchants of the 8 markets of Managua, who announced great discounts and offers on all the products of the summer season. They can now visit these shopping centers and purchase their items at the best prices.

This announcement was made from the Carlos Roberto Huembes market, during the usual visit that the building authorities make to the markets of Managua, as part of the Citizen Power model, which promotes direct communication with merchants.

"Now that we are in Lent, already for the Easter holidays, families are coming to buy products, really our markets, working with them in an articulated and permanent way, that communication has brought us extraordinary results, the markets as I said before that they are prettier, they are safer, they are cleaner,” said Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

The merchants expressed that they already have offers on t-shirts, swimsuits, inflatable pools, hats, towels, among other seasonal products, which are already sold in these popular shopping centers.

"Since December, we have been prepared, putting in the summer merchandise, we are with all the conditions that our Good Government, that the Mayor's Office and COMMEMA itself have been giving and we believe that right now we can exceed last year's goal, which was quite good" , highlighted Jorge González, president of the Nicaraguan Market Merchants Association.

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