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The rehabilitation of streets in a Ciudad Jardín sector is satisfactorily completed

In a constant effort to modernize the capital's road infrastructure, this Wednesday, February 14, municipal authorities, residents and merchants of the Eastern Market inaugurated 2 long blocks of asphalt coating, as part of the Streets for the People 2024 Program in the area of Garden City, located in District IV.

The work involved an investment of 3.1 million córdobas and benefits 7,065 inhabitants representing 1,215 families, who from today will have more fluid and safer circulation, both for vehicles and pedestrians who pass through this sector. , where commercial activity is well attended, reported the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López.

“On this very special day of Love and Friendship, with great joy delivering in the Ciudad Jardín sector of our District IV of the capital, two beautiful new paved streets, which come to give to the families of this sector, to merchants, that secure connectivity that is achieved through our programs,” said Porras.

Likewise, he highlighted that, for this year with the Annual Investment Plan in this district, 12 road improvement projects, storm drainage, water and sanitation, as well as sanitary sewage, will be executed, which adds up to an investment of 14 million córdobas.

 Likewise, with the Streets for the People Program, the municipality will build more than 19 new blocks in 6 neighborhoods in this district.

Jorge González, President of the Association of Market Merchants of Nicaragua, stated that it is a great investment that will allow them better access to be able to market their products.

“We all believe that this street is going to be a pretty good access, where the population and merchants are going to benefit and I think that this investment is going to continue to flow, because we are trusting in Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, because we are seeing the benefits, the restitution of rights at all levels,” said González.

With this work, the municipality continues to advance with projects that bring development, joy and transformation of life for everyone, thus adding more neighborhoods with new and decent streets.

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