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Ninth edition of the “Carlos Ulloa In Memoriam” National Basketball Tournament begins

The Alexis Argüello Sports Center was the venue for the inauguration of the “Carlos Ulloa In Memoriam” National Basketball Tournament in its IX edition. To be crowned champions, more than 300 players will compete for three months.

There are 21 teams from all over Nicaragua that are participating and they will face each other, in a single round until reaching the final in mid-June. The senior basketball games will be played in 17 venues, as reported by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

“Comandante Daniel continues to give enormous support to sport, when we talk about 17 games per weekend, we talk about basketball players from all over the country, we talk about the dream of all those kids from the municipalities, from the departments, to come and play This majestic Alexis Argüello Sports Center becomes a reality, because they are kids who have spent their lives playing in the parks of their neighborhoods, of their municipalities, but now to play here where the Las Americas professional basketball league matches are held, this The tournament becomes a showcase where kids can jump into professional basketball and that is a brilliant opportunity that they are going to enjoy,” commented the mayor of the capital.

The teams that will play every weekend until reaching the grand final are the Leones Alma, Costa Caribe, Real Estelí, Brumas de Jinotega, Matagalpa, Jaguares UAM, Tipitapa, Los Mineros de la Libertad, UNAN León, San Judas K8, Golden B, UNAN Managua, Tigres de Chinandega, JAZZ, León, Sébaco, Frente Sur Rivas, San Isidro, Carazo, Academia PLAF and Bonanza.

Of the 21 teams, the best 5 will qualify for the semifinals. This year there are 60 new players and the Caribbean Coast has two teams that will face the rest of the competitors.

Marvin Omier has been playing basketball for 15 years and he assures that the competitions will be strong, since all the teams prepared very well technically and with excellent players.

“We prepared very well to come and play, we have good players with good physical conditions, we have good coaches who are preparing us tactically, all the teams are tough, there is no easy contender, León put together well, Jinotega put together well and Managua “They have good teams, we are going to give everything on the field these months,” said Omier.

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